About us

The company „MANUSAD” Sp. z o.o. was founded in 2001 is Sadki – 30 km from Bydgoszcz.

In 2005 the department began operations in Solec Kujawski. Currently, we operate in both domestically and abroad.

The company’s activity focuses on the production of components climbing walls. At our headquarters we are producing artificial rocks (climbing walls made of GFRP that could mimic the natural structure of the rock), and parts for climbing walls based on polyester resins as well plywood based panels. We have 10 years’ experience in the production of composites – products of polyester – glass laminates, GFRP and especially in the production of customization.

Our branch in Solec Kujawski implements the strategy of dynamic growth in the production of furniture. We make furniture according to individual client projects. We provide assistance and advice in the design, color selection, delivery and installation. We also offer services relating to interior design. We design and equip each space of your home. Meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers.

The company using modern CNC machinery, implements mainly the production of small and medium parts in succession. In the service business is our specialty, high quality CNC machining.

We offer processing of parts on CNC machine and cutting services, wood- veneered melamine or natural veneers and veneering edges of plates. We operate both on the basis of its own documentation and technology, as well as documentation provided by the customer.

Due to the experience of our team and focus on customer needs, we offer the highest quality of service. Our technical staff has many years’ experience in manufacturing components for CNC machine tools, as well as the production of furniture. Due machinery in operation, allows us to perform precise machining parts according to specifications. In order to provide better access we put our production facilities and sales offices in major national roads in Poland.

We invite you to cooperate with us.